I’m lynn bunting

Mental Fitness & Career Transformation Coach 

  I help high-achieving women overcome imposter syndrome, end self-doubt and reach Career goals.

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Helping You Own Your Success and Feel Authentic  

Stop feeling like a fraud and embrace THE NEW  CONFIDENT YOU!

Are you tired of struggling with fears of being discovered as a fraud? Do the lies to the left sound familiar?  Are you holding back from taking on new roles because you feel unqualified?  My 3 month mental fitness ‘REBOOT YOUR BELIEFS PROGRAM’ will help you break the cycle of Imposter feelings and thoughts. At the end of the program you will own your success  and  be ready to move towards new Career heights.  Are you ready to finally be free of those limiting beliefs?



"You're not good enough".


"You're a fraud".


"How much longer before they find out I'm a fraud"?


"I'm not qualified, I don't belong here".


"My successes are nothing more than just luck".


"It's just a matter of time before my luck runs out".


"I have nothing of value to offer".


"Everyone else knows what they're doing and I'm the only one feeling this way".

Career Transformation

Career transformation is all about finding your ideal profession. The first step towards a fulfilling career is discovering your life’s passion. Unfortunately more often than not, we find ourselves in jobs that we end up hating. My Career Program helps you to avoid such a situation. I’m here to help you transform your job into a career you love. If you’re ready to commit to a new, reimagined life for yourself, let’s talk possibilities.

Personal Development

How would your life be different if the most  important person in your life were you? What if you start asking yourself, “what does my best life look like?”. What if you were to start believing anything is possible? I’ll show you  how to love the process of becoming the very best version of yourself. Let’s talk possibilities.

Interview Coaching

It’s easy to become overwhelmed thinking about job interviews. Feelings of anxiety are normal, even when you well qualified for the position. Preparation is key to feeling and appearing your best during interviews. I can guide you through all the best practices and strategies for a successful interview. Let’s talk possibilities.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is more than just choosing where you want to be, it’s also planning the path to get there. To achieve your goals you need a crystal clear vision of what your destination is and a system to drive your progress. If you’re ready to commit to realizing your goals, let’s talk possibilities.

About Lynn

Lynn Bunting is a Career Transition Coach, at Positively You. Her approach of positivity combined with practical strategies empowers individuals to quickly shift from an ordinary job to a Career you love.

Her background includes over 30 years of experience as an International Chief Purser with a major Airline, which has uniquely equipped her with an ability to find solutions in challenging situations. Quickly resolving issues in the confines of an airplane with limited resources takes intuition, an eye for new perspectives and ‘think outside the box’ ingenuity. Lynn combines these real world skills with proven strategies to get results for her clients.

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Online Coaching Resources

Wheel of Life

Is your work/life in balance? Instantly assess your current levels of satisfaction in your life balance with this free tool.

The Enneagram Test

Which Enneagram Type are you? The Enneagram Test offers insight into your personality, your individual strengths, motivations and self- limiting beliefs. It can be a great tool, offering  awareness and creating opportunities for personal growth.

Enneagram testing is offered in some of the Coaching packages (depending on the package, additional cost may apply) if you wish to take this eye-opening test. 

Group Coaching

Coming Soon! Knowing you are not alone in your feelings can be a powerful experience. Community support and increased accountability are some of the benefits of this program.

Move Up. Reimagine Your Life. Set Your Goals. Invest in Yourself and Your Future.

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Let me show you how practicing the 4 P’s, Positivity, Partnership, Perspective and Perseverance, helps you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

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